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Introducing Piglin Brutes! These Piglins don't care for gold and attack you regardless of if you give them gold or are wearing golden armor, so be careful when you visit a bastion!

Some of you noticed in the last release the the Faithful text was removed. This was because Mojang added new characters and we had not yet added them. They have been completed and are in this version of the pack!

The long-awaited shield fix has also been added! Your shields will look normal again!


  • Accented Text (@RobertR11)
  • Ascii Text (@RobertR11)
  • Fungi CTM (@Nyodex)
  • Gamemode Switcher (@Pomik108)
  • Non-Latin European Text (@Seirin-Blu & @RobertR11)
  • Piglin Brute (@Terrifik & @Seirin-Blu)


  • Armor Stand Fix (@Mr. Kirby48)
  • Basalt [Made Texture Cleaner] (@Tekayo)
  • Blackstone Bricks (@Terrifik)
  • Blast Furnace (@Nyodex)
  • Blast Furnace (@Nyodex)
  • Carrot on a Stick (@TOKEYO)
  • Chisled Polished Blackstone (@Terrifik)
  • Cracked Blackstone Bricks (@Terrifik)
  • Crimson Stem [Tweaked Pixel] (@CLtheman1)
  • Elder Guardian (@Fracta1is)
  • Enchanting Table [Updated Obsidian] (@Seirin-Blu)
  • Ender Chest (@Tekayo & @Mr. Kirby48)
  • Ender Eye [In Portal Fram] (@Tekayo)
  • Fishing Rod (@TOKEYO)
  • Fishing Rod Cast (@TOKEYO)
  • Fixed End Portal Eye (@Mr. Kirby48)
  • Guardian (@Fracta1is)
  • Health Boost Effect (@Seirin-Blu)
  • Hoglin [Fixed Tusk] (@Seirin-Blu)
  • Instant Damage Effect (@Seirin-Blu)
  • Instant Health Effect (@Seirin-Blu)
  • Netherite Armor [Tweaked Color] (@Pomik108)
  • Netherite Boots [Item] (@Tekayo)
  • Ore [Removed Noise] (@Nyodex)
  • Polar Bear [Made to look like Jappa's] (@Juknum)
  • Popped Chorus (@Tekayo)
  • Pumpkin Bottom [Model File Change] (@LethalChicken)
  • Regeneration Effect (@Seirin-Blu)
  • Resource Pack Selection GUI (@Spherey)
  • Shield Banner Patterns (@Azure & @Seirin-Blu)
  • Silverfish (@Fracta1is)
  • Soul Campfire [Tweaked Pixel] (@CLtheman1)
  • Terracotta [Added 3 Missing Colors] (@Connerminer)
  • Torch [Item] (@Unknown)
  • Trapdoor Sides (@Juknum)
  • Warped Fungus on a Stick (@Seirin-Blu)
  • Warped Stem [Tweaked Pixel] (@CLtheman1)
  • World Border (@Spherey)
  • Zoglin [Fixed Tusk] (@Seirin-Blu)
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