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Although no new textures have been introduced in 1.16.3, we have made some changes to ours.


  • Blackstone (@LethalChicken)
  • Blackstone Bricks (@LethalChicken)
  • Ender Eye (@TheMaison)
  • Enderchest (@CLtheman1)
  • Fire Coral Block (@Harag0n)
  • Gilded Blackstone (@LethalChicken)
  • Lever (@TheMaison)
  • Loom (@PeJohn/Terrifik)
  • Magma Cream (@TheMaison)
  • Polished Blackstone (@LethalChicken)
  • Purple Shulker [Fix] (@MrKirby48)
  • Skull and Roses Painting [Fix] (@BellPepperBrian)
  • Torches (@TheMaison)
  • Tripwire (@Po3stell3d)
  • Wanderer Painting [Fix] (@BellPepperBrian)
  • Zombie Horse (@Harag0n)

To anyone who downloaded it on September 13, re-download it. There are some additional fixes

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