Although Minecraft 1.16.4 only adds the social interactions screen and bug fixes, we thought we'd take this update as an opportunity to update some textures before we start on development for 1.17!

We also have started including and EULA (End User License Agreement) inside of the pack to explain what you can and cannot do with Faithful, as there are several copies floating around the internet without permission. If you just play with the pack and don't distribute it anywhere, this won't affect you.


  • Social Interactions GUI (@Seirin-Blu)


  • All Quartz Blocks (@LethalChicken)
  • Bamboo Stage 0 (@Nyodex)
  • Bamboo Stalk (@LethalChicken)
  • Basalt (@LethalChicken)
  • Coarse Dirt (@LethalChicken & @Seirin-Blu)
  • Cobblestone (@LethalChicken)
  • Composter (@LethalChicken)
  • Crimson Roots (@LethalChicken)
  • Crying Obsidian (@LethalChicken)
  • Dark Prismarine (@Nyodex)
  • Dead Bush (@LethalChicken)
  • Dispenser (@xMrVizzy & @LethalChicken)
  • Dropper (@xMrVizzy & @LethalChicken)
  • Farmland Side (@LethalChicken & @Joe_Pichu)
  • Furnace (@xMrVizzy & @LethalChicken)
  • Grass Block (@LethalChicken)
  • Lodestone (@LethalChicken)
  • Mossy Cobblestone (@LethalChicken)
  • Mycelium Side (@LethalChicken & @Seirin-Blu)
  • Nether Sprouts (@LethalChicken)
  • Piston (@LethalChicken)
  • Podzol Side (@Pomik108)
  • Polished Basalt (@LethalChicken)
  • Potato Stages (@LethalChicken)
  • Purpur Block (@LethalChicken)
  • Purpur Pillar (@LethalChicken)
  • Saplings (@LethalChicken)
  • Sea Pickle (@LethalChicken)
  • Shroomlight (@LethalChicken)
  • Smoker (@LethalChicken)
  • Snowy Grass (@LethalChicken)
  • Social Interactions GUI (@Seirin-Blu)
  • Soul Soil (@LethalChicken)
  • Sticky Piston (@LethalChicken)
  • Sunflower (@LethalChicken)
  • Warped Roots (@LethalChicken)