The snapshot builds for the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update have been updated!
In an effort of make sure all of the 1.17 texture are complete before 1.17 officially releases next summer, the Faithful Team has begun working on the textures from the snapshots!

Whenever we push an update, we'll be sure to let you know.

Note: What is in the change logs is what is in the zip. The change logs may update for each snapshot without notice.


  • Amethyst Block (@LethalChicken)
  • Amethyst Bud (@LethalChicken)
  • Amethyst Cluster (@LethalChicken)
  • Amethyst Shard (@LethalChicken)
  • Axolotl Bucket (@xMrVizzy)
  • Budding Amethyst (@LethalChicken)
  • Bundle (@xMrVizzy, @LethalChicken)
  • Candle [Blocks] (@Nyodex & @Seirin-Blu)
  • Candle [Items] (@xMrVizzy)
  • Calcite (@THEMAISON)
  • Clock (@LethalChicken)
  • Compass (@LethalChicken)
  • Copper Block (@THEMAISON)
  • Lightly Weathered Copper Block (@THEMAISON)
  • Weathered Cut Copper (@Seyager)
  • Semi Weathered Cut Copper (@Seyager)
  • Lightly Weathered Cut Copper (@Seyager)
  • Copper Ingot (@xMrVizzy, @THEMAISON)
  • Copper Ore (@LethalChicken & @BellPepperBrian)
  • Lightning Rod (@THEMAISON)
  • Pointed Dripstone Item (@THEMAISON)
  • Powder Snow (@Ereo)
  • Spyglass (@LethalChicken, @xMrVizzy)
  • Tinted Glass (@THEMAISON)
  • Tuff (@Fractalis & @Pomik)
  • Slots for Bundle (Stats Icon) (@xMrVizzy)
  • Frozen Hearths (Icons) (@xMrVizzy)
  • Container Bundle (@xMrVizzy)
  • Container Stats Icons (@xMrVizzy)
  • Bad Omen Effect (@LethalChicken)
  • Hunger Effect (@LethalChicken)
  • Poison Effect (@LethalChicken, @xMrVizzy)
  • Saturation Effect (@LethalChicken)
  • Slowness Effect (@LethalChicken)
  • Strenght Effect (@xMrVizzy)
  • Weakness Effect (@xMrVizzy)
  • Shield Base (@LethalChicken)
  • Strider (@LethalChicken)
  • Quartz (@LethalChicken, @xMrVizzy)
  • Renamed Path Blocks to Dirt Path Blocks
  • Updated All Ingot-Shaped Items (@xMrVizzy)
  • Fixed Enchanting Table (@xMrVizzy)
  • Updated Swords (@xMrVizzy)
  • Tropical Fish Bucket (@xMrVizzy)
  • Salmon Bucket (@xMrVizzy)
  • Pufferfish Bucket (@xMrVizzy)
  • Cod Bucket (@xMrVizzy)
  • Lava Bucket (@xMrVizzy)
  • Lime Terracotta (@THEMAISON)
  • Orange Terracotta (@THEMAISON)
  • Red Terracotta (@THEMAISON)