Greetings! In an effort to promote further community co-operation and activity, we are proud to announce we are re-launching our Faithful Add-on Program. For anyone confuse, Add-ons will expand the base Faithful Resource Pack with various quality of life changes that will improve the user experience. Previously, Add-ons have largely been abandoned due to the program not being pushed since the Fall of last year, however this will change now as part of our goal to further empower the community.

Faithful Add-on Showcase

Whenever new add-ons are created, we will feature them on #addon-showcase on the Faithful Discord as well as the Faithful Team Website.

Suggest an Add-on

Want to see a particular add-on added? Check out #addons-suggestions on the Faithful Discord and describe what kind of add-on you'd like to see you can also include screenshots if you think it is necessary. Add-on Creators will review your submission and approve it if it is appropriate.

Submit an Add-on

Want to help with the add-on process? Great! Simply message Blake Hoffman or Ninventoo on the Faithful Discord and we will give you will put you through a vetting process (a simple interview) to make sure you meet our expectations for people who create add-ons for Faithful.

Additional things to Note

We won't update legacy add-ons. While it may be unfortunate to some, they were largely made by creators who have moved on from their add-on or Faithful as a whole. Despite this, we are willing to create new add-ons that are similar to a prior add-ons or if any former creator would like to update their already featured add-on they can message Blake Hoffman or Ninventoo on the Faithful Discord for more information.

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