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The mods whenever someone is breaking a serious rule.

We get it. We all make mistakes sometimes. That's why we created an appeal form for anyone who has been banned. Prior to this, we would unban rule-breakers after four to five months. However, we have decided that it would be better that we would allow rule breakers to reflect on their mistakes and explain how they can improve themselves before we lift their ban.

Additionally, this is a check on our part to see that no one is falsely banned. So if you believe you have been wrongly punished there are some alternative steps that you can take during the appeal process.

Please note: lying or joke applications will NOT be tolerated! You will face consequences if caught.  

Thank you for reading, and if you are seeking an appeal we hope that your punishment will be revoked or reduced so we can see you in the community again.

If the appeal section doesn't show up on this blog, you can alternatively press this convenient button down below to go directly to the appeal form.

Appeal Here

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