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Do you play Minecraft Dungeons? If so, you're in luck! I'm proud to present the first public beta of Faithful Dungeons! As most of you will probably assume it will bring the 32x experience you love from Minecraft Java and Bedrock over to Mojang/Microsoft's latest dungeon crawler. We hope you enjoy the first release of many to come!

Some things to note:

  • During Faithful Dungeon's beta phase, we won't be posting about it here that frequently. Once we finish our first full version, regular updates will be posted here. With that said, please visit the Faithful Dungeons Discord to receive frequent texture updates and quality of life changes.
  • Block Textures are 57% Complete
  • Mob Textures are 19% Complete
  • Items Textures  are 6% Complete
  • Prefabs Textures  are 6% Complete
  • Equipment Textures are 0% Complete
  • Faithful Dungeons itself is 30% Complete
  • If you encounter any bugs, please report them on the official Faithful Dungeons discord.

Now go enjoy the beta release, and make sure to join the official discord too! Whether you want to help speed up progress or just want to follow the development. Lastly, instructions on how to use Faithful Dungeons on MC: Dungeons are provided with the download.


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