Are you tired of search PVP Texture packs, And doesnt find a x32 texture pack PVP. Well, This texture pack is for you. The Faithful x32 PVP Edition
This texture pack have all of an ordinary PVP Texture pack, But in more quality!

Features Like:
-Short swords and axes
-Low Fire by (Purple Cha0s)
-More noticeable ore (High Vis Ore by TheBloodyScreen)
-Bow that changes color in function of the charging time
-More noticeable projectiles' particles
-Bigger/More noticeable potions particles
-Tiny reticle (By CopyCancel)
-No pumpkin screen when wearing a pumpkin
-No nausea effect with the "Nausea Potion"
-More accurate Wither Hearts
-Transparent inventory & menu

addon by Diamantitos, CopyCancel, TheBloodyScreen