Do you prefer to use Minecraft 1.8 due to it's PvP mechanics? Or maybe you want to take a trip down the nostalgia highway. Whatever the reason may be we have you covered. The Faithful Archive is home to legacy versions of Faithful 32x which were made for Minecraft Java 1.8.x - Minecraft Java 1.2.5/beta 1.8.

Some things to note:

  • These are legacy versions of Faithful - We won't be making any texture changes or bug fixes, they will remain the way Vattic (the original creator of Faithful) envisioned them.
  • This isn't abandoned ware - As with modern versions of Faithful, we (Faithful Team) have ownership of the textures and thus you cannot distribute them in anyway. Despite this, you are welcomed to share this with friends using the provided link.
  • We cannot provide PE/Bedrock downloads - Faithful is a part of the Marketplace and you cannot revert to legacy Bedrock versions that easily.
  • Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy using Faithful on older versions of Minecraft Java.