This addon adds all of the mobs from the previous mob votes. This pack requires OptiFine to work. All mobs can also be named to the mob that replaces them to change their texture.

This pack requires the original Mob Vote Mob Pack and OptiFine to work properly.

The Moobloom

Will spawn in flower forests

The Lurker

Spawns randomly instead of squids. It is not hostile.

Glow Squid

Spawns randomly instead of squids. This texture was made by Ewan and may or may not be in Faithful 1.17

The Blaze Knight

Has a low chance of spawning from a blaze spawner.

The Iceologer

Spawns as evoker in snowy biomes

The Great Hunger

Spawns randomly instead of spiders.

Author: Ewan Howell
Some Textures Made 32x by: Doge

Download The Original Pack
Download The Faithful Overlay