Texture Guidelines

This guide is created for people who want to learn how to draw Faithful textures properly! There are several basic rules and techniques for making textures beautiful and detailed.


  • The textures should be like the default but in x32 resolution with more details.
  • Draw textures yourself by hand without using any filters.
  • I recommend to use “Aseprite” as a main texture drawing program.

Borders and Lines:

  • Texture edges and lines should be one pixel thick if possible!
    • Good examples:
    • Bad examples:
  • The edges of the textures should look beautiful; if the object is to be round, it is necessary to round them.
    • Should be:
    • Default:
  • Lines should be smooth and beautiful
    • Good examples:
    • Bad examples:


  • The transitions between colors should be smooth if they are relevant in this situation.
  • Textures should look clear, they should not be blurred.
    • Good examples:
    • Bad examples:
  • Small objects, such as carrot leaves, plant leaves and objects that in real life would not be a single whole, should be separated by several fragments!
    • Good examples:
    • Bad examples:
  • For textures in which borrowing another texture is clearly visible, it is recommended to use it, instead of drawing this part from scratch!
    • Texture:
    • Their Borrowing:


  • To create right isometric texture, you can read this tutorials: LINK

This post will be updated as new guidelines are added…