Some of the parts of Minecraft that should not be noticeable unfortunately are. This pack aims to fix that by changing a few environmental factors. Here are the changes:

  • Water's opacity above and underwater has been reduced, making it easier to see through
  • Rain and splash particles have had all color removed and opacity has been lowered
  • The texture for the player on fire has been lowered in height. Because of this, there are also two different heights of regular fire and soul fire (now you can see yourself fully when dying in lava!)

Unfortunately do to Mojang being annoying, the color and opcacity from the drips under a block cannot be changed.

Put this addon in your resource pack folder for it to work.

Author: Seirin-Blu


Update Log:

  • v1.2:
    • Made falling snow a little snowier
    • Changed white pack.mcmeta text to grey
  • V2.0
    • Made it so that soul fire now has a lowered texture as well