Big site update

A couple of weeks ago, I began to diligently improve the site, make it better, more convenient and more beautiful! After some time, I am ready to present a list of the work done.


  • Automatic dark theme that syncs with your system theme on the phone, computer, tablet…
  • Beautiful and convenient language selection at the top of the menu with country flags!
  • All buttons, fields and other elements have a rounded design.
  • Added pixel font!
  • Completely redesigned downloads page, added support for custom Addons.
  • Also changes for our artists which are hidden under the hood of the site: added a system that automatically checks once a day and updates their name and avatar on the team page.
  • You can also share a direct link to the addon, download or the author by adding #uniqueID in url of the page! Unique IDs can be found using the developer console in the browser.

In Future:

  • I plan to move each language into its own subdomain. (example:
  • Also add a system that will show all the textures of the authors! And the voting system for the texture, all will be soon…